A property investment seminar can be a powerful first step on the road to financial freedom. Investing in property without sound guidance can result in a waste of time and money. Getting advice from professionals who have found success in property investment can help you avoid many of the pitfalls of this industry.

Riche Consulting property seminars are practical, strategic events for both experienced and first time property investors which has run the in Korean Community since 2009 very successfully, If you are interested in property investment as a means of financial freedom, don't try to go it alone. The right property investment seminar will make all the difference in beginning your investment portfolio on the right foot.

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Korean Seminar/Online
시드니 한국어 부동산 세미나
날짜 : 3월18일(목) 저녁 7-9시
장소: Ryde Eastwood RSL

멜번 한국어 부동산 세미나
날짜: 3월25일(목) 저녁 7-9시
장소: West Melbourne 

     7日 14時~/11日 21時~
     19日 10時~/26日 21時~
     31日 13時~
開催方法: Zoomにて  予約

QLD/Korean Seminar/Online
브리스번 한국어 부동산관련
지역 및 매물정보 아래 첨부참고

4월 부동산 정보세미나는
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